The sensational new feature length film "Barracuda" focuses on one woman's campaign to bring sex offenders to justice when the law fails. Starring as Summer, nicknamed "Barracuda", after her exploits draw national attention, is Christy Oldham, who also wrote the screenplay and produced the film. "My film exposes the secret and often criminal sexual lives of a wide range of supposedly normal, American males including professionals. While "Barracuda" is fictional, it's truthful. The story is partly based on a phone-sex operator's actual phone calls," said Christy. The film's protagonist tracks down a number of sex offenders (escaped rapists, pedophiles, and murderers) in her vintage 1966 Plymouth Barracuda car.  "So often in the real world sex offenders escape justice," said Director Shane Woodson. "Our film bravely tackles a tough subject matter and delivers an important social message through the vein of dark comedy. It's a blockbuster film!" said Woodson.

"Barracuda" is a real eye-opener, as registered sex offenders total nearly 750,000 in the US alone. The whereabouts of 20% of these sex offenders are unknown at any given time. Filmed in various locations in Los Angeles, CA, Louisville, KY, New Albany, Indiana, and Plaquemine, LA, the film has a cast of over 200 actors. It took five weeks to film "Barracuda" and 4 years to complete. Shot on the Red Camera by award-winning Director of Photography Marco "Cowboy Bill" Naylor, the film is a Mercury Rising Films production, in which Oldham and Woodson are partners, and in association with Craig Franklin, the Executive Producer and his record company, Romantic Realist records. Original music was composed by Emir Isilay. The film was edited by veteran editor Robert Pergament (Grease, Blind Date).

Christy Oldham and Shane Woodson previously produced the 2007 screwball comedy hit "Cain and Abel", starring rap icon Flavor Flav, Woodson again as director/producer and Oldham as co-producer. "Cain and Abel" is in worldwide distribution. Woodson is also co-director of the upcoming supernatural thriller "The Legend of Black Annie", currently in post production.

"Barracuda" will have its premiere screening on opening night (Women's filmmaker night) at the 2011 Burbank International Film Festival, September 15th, at 10:30 pm at the AMC 16 movie theater in Burbank, CA. Future screenings will take place at the 2011 Mississippi International Film festival and the 2011 New Orleans Film Festival in mid-October. More dates and screenings TBA.

"Barracuda" was honored with an 'excellence in filmmaking' award at the 2011 Las Vegas International Film Festival. Mercury Rising Films has several features on slate for 2012-2014. Oldham plans to make her directorial debut with a film that she wrote about the victims of the south Louisiana serial killer. The entire movie will be filmed in Oldham's native south Louisiana home where the murders of young women took place. "Louisiana is now third in line for film production behind California and New York due to the prominent tax incentives for filmmakers", says Christy. "I left home nearly 15 years ago due to lack of opportunity in Louisiana for filmmakers and now I'm so excited that I get to come home to make movies."  Oldham lives in Studio City, California. Woodson lives in North Hollywood, California. 

"Barracuda" has been nominated for 3 awards at the 2011 Burbank International film festival for best feature film, best film editing and best picture.    

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